GONGFF Baby Walker 6-7-18 Month Baby Walking Car Multifunctional Anti Rollover Folding Learning Toy Car


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The surface of the is smooth without burrs. It protects the baby's small hands and has no angled eggshell design.Concave convex design increases hand friction. grip comfort is not easy to slip.Strong noise reduction does not disturb the A quiet sleep downstairschoose safety and environmental protection materials. use environmentally friendly plastic materials. no odor. high temperature. do not add antioxidants.Natural rubber material. smooth and silent universal wheelIncrease the chassis diameter. safety and collision avoidance
G=mg according to the principle of mechanics. the lower the center of gravity. the more solid it is.
The weight of this Walker reduces to the best position to ensure that the car will not turn over. and that the baby is safe and the mother is relieved.
The foot space is wider. and the baby is comfortable walking and not wrestling.
The rear wheel speed adjustment film can adjust the speed of the baby for different steps.
Environmental protection and safety PP material. improve the strength of anti scraping and anti grinding

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